Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i'm doing this strictly for my own benefit

assignments due this week:
  • Personal Practice Evaluation paper-Field Seminar I-DONE!
  • Group Proposal paper- Practice II- DONE!
  • Informative and Resource Manual for students interested in international social work- Independent Study-DONE!
  • Assertive Communication and Conflict Resolution Modules completed and ready to teach- Community Development in a Global Context- DONE!
  • Take home final- Practice III-DONE!
  • Comprehensive Final- Community Development in a Global Context-DONE!

this post is strictly so i can feel like i've accomplished somethings and not feel too overwhelmed by what i still have left to do. hope your week isn't as busy as mine!

*edit* it makes me feel good to come and edit this and add on when i finish things. i'm such a dork.

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James Miller said...

You're becoming more and more like Stephen.