Thursday, May 31, 2007

the beauty of community

i was reading The Cry, the word made flesh journal, and an article that talked about community said... well why don't i just let you read it...
community is not perfect, but i have a deep belief that God uses community to change the world. yes, community is a risk. however, it is a risk we are asked to take so that God can love us and others. it will expose us, strip us down, drive out our fears, change us, mold us. but in the end we are called to community so we know we are loved- so we know that we belong.
i see my community group and close friends in this so much, and it is why as i'm excited to leave for boulder, i'm sad. we have beautiful community. i belong to my community and they love me. there is an innate need in us to belong and it is so good to know that i belong to fifteen-ish people who genuinely care about me and who i care about. and as we break up i can still see God's hand in our community. if there has ever been a network built up to send people out we have one, in fact it is so strong that people don't want to leave. and i pray that as we all go out that we would sent each other in love and hope that our community will remain across states and continents because we belong to each other. i mean just look how God is sending us to people who have nowhere to belong.
whitney- tibet
erin- tibet short term then denver
jones'- tibet short term
stu- mexico
james and adam- austin
compstons- boulder
callan- chicago
meredith and cara- public schools
john- u of a students
gennie and brian- china (eventually)
imagine how great those places will be when God extends our community. i'll end with another quote from the cry.
i was there, as well. i didn't have anyone- not family, not brothers or sisters who understood. but they, they won't leave you. we are family. we are community- that's how we are.


Schellhase said...

I think that as I realize our community group is over more and more this summer it will be like a sad guitar-string slide between chords.

What I loved about our group was that you were people "who understood." I can say something about Jesus and everyone nodded; that's what I'll miss the most.

whitney said...

Thanks Kristen, and John...that's beautiful. I know I feel blessed beyond measure that I belong to you all, and all of you belong to me in I go to help take the love of Jesus to Tibet, in you I have a beautiful example of Him to remember and live out among people who will one day belong to His community.

Cal said...

It is awesome that our community group is fanning out across the country and the world. It seems abnormal. I'm thankful we aren't normal - that God has given us a taste of community and a motivation and desire to leave that behind, despite its goodness, and go out into this world.

James Miller said...

Wow. That was great sis. It's weird to imagine a day when I won't be able to call you and your husband to go for a beer and to talk about life. It's even weirder to thank that day is only two months away. I'm glad that you and I became friends. I'm glad that the 5 years we've been friends often makes me forget about the 2 years I hated you. I think that you and I being friends is all the proof I'll ever need that God can tear down any and every barrier.

Mere O. said...

Tear...literally! Your post made me stop and realize how much each of you has had an influence in my life since moving down to Arkansas. I thank all of you for showing me how to love more authentically, opening my eyes to God's vast kingdom and the desperate need to take his message and love to all the ethne, and among other things, for allowing me to be open and honest, and accepting me as the crazy, line-crossing, extremely gullible person that I am. Thank you.

erinelizabeth said...

That really is beautiful. I feel like God has bound our hearts together. And I, too, rejoice that God is scattering us like the disciples to "go and make disciples". Scattered to many places, God can accomplish more through our lives than if we all stayed huddled in NWA, but I still want us to think about retiring in a commune...overseas.