Wednesday, May 09, 2007


i'm copying and pasting excerpts of a post by a friend who lives in kolkata and works with red light workers, trying to get them out of the trade by teaching them to sew old saris into blankets. they just took in a new group of girls to train.

"i don't know if i wrote about this lady earlier but a new trainee, A, was diagnosed with active TB. we arranged for her to go to this free TB hospital. the day she was supposed to leave all the sari bari ladies and sarah prayed for her. to make a kinda long story short.....there were no signs of active TB in her lungs when she went back to the doctor. she was healed.

A was telling us through tears how happy she was about this because now she gets to work at sari bari. it was so so cool.

so i think God healed someone. i am a skeptic at heart but i saw the first doctor's report. he said she had blood clots and wanted to admit her immediately. then there was only a fibrous piece in her lung. no signs of any active TB. I love being silenced in my skepticism by the love of God." -Kristin Keen-



erinelizabeth said...

so even though you already told me this story before i read it, i had to get on here and hear it again. unbelievable! what an awesome story about how big our God is! thanks for posting this.

Courtney said...


I happened upon your blog (through April) and wanted to say hello! I can't believe how big everyone's kids have gotten! I almost started crying when I saw Sultana. I'm going in Sept. and I can't wait:) Glad to see that you are doing so well! And a much belated congratulations on your wedding:) Love,


whitney said...

Wow! I shouldn't be too amazed by that because I say I believe Jesus can heal people...but I am. That is so beautiful!

And, congrats on being finished with the semester! Woohooo! Now we can stay up late and drink blue moon! (okay, so we did that back when we were supposed to be responsible students...)