Thursday, April 26, 2007

saturday night...


What it is: A benefit to raise awareness for and promote activism to stop the genocide in Darfur.

When it is: This Saturday, April 28th, at 8:15 or so is when the bands start playing. The march starts at 7:30 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

Where it is: The bands/camping out will happen at the Greek Theater. The march will be up Dickson from St. Paul's.

Benefits for You: Free Tee-shirt if you march; the beautiful resonance of music from the likes of Ben Rector and Very Special Guests within thine ears; a warming of the heart (unfortunately famous in may will not be playing, but come anyway!)


James Miller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Miller said...

This is plagiarism. You didn't cite Crosby for this. I'm going to report you to the J-Board and the Dean.

(By the way, the deleted post was me. I spelled a word wrong.)

kristen said...

i'm taking all the glory for this post!!!
i'm really glad you said that the deleted post was yours, it derives me crazy not knowing who posted and removed.

James Miller said...

Yeah, that always drives me crazy too.