Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fun with Dick and Dane

I was looking at movies online and saw a misprint of the movie "Fun with Dick and Jane" it was both funny and disturbing, but I thought better of clicking on it for fear of gay porn.

Anyway, this week has been full of sweet and sad goodbyes, stress of summer school finals and procrastinated papers, Arsaga's, last minute details that take much longer than expected and packing lots and lots of boxes. I've never really had a big move before. I lived in the same house growing up and I moved to college in the back of my '92 Jeep Cherokee. After Stephen and I got married we had to fill our cars and make two trips to our apartment to move so you can see why this week I've been amazed at the amount of crap we're accumulated in the past year. Stephen quit his job last week so that he could pack us this week while I finished summer school, and I thought "we have a small apartment, Steve can pack for a few hours each day and we'll be packed in no time", but it's taken quite a bit longer than I expected. I've had my stressed out moments and been sure we'd never be packed by Saturday, but we packed out truck yesterday (with lots of help from good friends).

Our first apartment is totally empty and we're leaving in the morning. Our last Grove is tonight and I think I'll probably cry as it will really sink in that we're moving many many miles away.

There is no way to say thanks and I'll miss you on a blog, but here goes, to all our wonderful friends, community group, fellow Grovers, I really appreciate all that you've taught me and your unique friendships, I will miss you, I already do.

Goodbye, We love you!

-And for all you English majors our there, you may have noticed I started using capitalization and punctuation. You're welcome. Think of it as my going away gift to you (hint: James).


James Miller said...

Possibly one of the best gifts I've ever received. Somebody once bought me a cool mask in Sri Lanka, but I never saw it.

Shelli said...

You've been by blog for instructions. Jaime started it...blame it on her! :) Shelli