Sunday, August 19, 2007

The first long week

As of tomorrow morning we will have been gone for 1 week, but it feels so much longer. We don't have internet and all of our neighbors secured their connections so we have to drive to a coffee shop or to Erin's apartment and steal her neighbor's wireless. Anyway, here are a few highs and lows of the week.

* Driving across Kansas in our Penske truck.
* Carrying all of our stuff to the third floor in higher altitude.
* Already missing friends and being lonely.
* Sunday's without the Grove.
* My first of many tearful breakdowns.
* Not having internet at home.
* Job hunting.
* Scary men trying to get Stephen to give him money in downtown Denver

* Seeing our nephew Malakai
* The view from our deck.
* Being 10 minutes from Boulder and 20 minutes form Denver.
* Being close to Erin.
* Having LOTS of help from our family.
* Thinking of Stu and Lafe burning down their dunpster, ahh (sad sigh).
* Having much cooler apartment that our old one.
* Waking Steve up by letting Malakai grab his beard.


adam said...

I'll say this anyway, despite a fear of losing my "man card." That last picture is pretty cute.

James Miller said...

Okay, that was actually me with the really girly last comment. I've gotta start signing him out before I comment.

Stu said...

Wow, I miss you guys too. Maybe we will have to have a good old dumpster burning in your honor.

Polly said...

hey! now i can comment b/c we are friends, i don't have to stalk you anymore :) great to hang out with you guys last weekend. good luck church hunting! it'll take time, but colorado will start to feel like home again too.