Sunday, April 08, 2007

a full circle moment

last night we watched Blood Diamond. i had seen it before, but it blows me away, the reality that that stuff happens everyday and it may or may not make our national news. i can't help but think of the poverty of inhabitants of really poor countries that are so desperate for peace and safety and how much is sucks that life is like that. anyway, i won't go on a tangent.... this morning i was laying in bed reading The Cry a journal put out by word made flesh, the organization i went to india with. WMF has a team that lives in freetown, sierra leone and there was an article about a ministry called the lighthouse that takes in boys who live on the bombed out streets and educates and teaches them a trade. the article talked about how these boys were accused of urinating on a building to show disrespect even though everyone knew it wasn't them, the owner just wanted to blame them because he didn't believe that they were any different from little street thieves. one of the boys stepped up and said that he'd go clean up the urine, even though it wasn't his. the article went on to talk about humility and what an example this boy was. it was, as oprah would say, a full circle moment for me; last night we'd watched freetown get shot up, and this morning i read about how Jesus is restoring it, one ex-child soldier and pick-pocket at a time. HE is risen indeed!

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