Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Friday, hope your's goes a little better

So each month at work I have to submit a record of purchases and the receipts from those purchases that clients have made so we are accountable that we aren't exploiting them or anything, and I had starting making the record and finished with one client and put all of his receipts and record in an envelope. Then I got really busy and left it on my desk for like two days, so it's due today and I started looking for the envelope and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I started to freak out since it had all the receipts in it, and we would be liable to have to pay back all the money for the lost receipts, so I looked all over my office, in my box, I moved everything, pulled desks and tables away from the wall trying to find it, no luck. I thought the only think that could have happened was that someone had thrown it away so I go to dig through the trash can, and I see that another client who is OCD with cleaning has emptied all the trash cans, off I go to the dumpster and there is all the trash from my office, so I do quite a bit of cursing and go back in and put some gloves on then climbed up into the dumpster and start to dig. And of course someone had gone through the field across from the house and picked up all the animal poop. So I find myself standing in a dumpster full of overflowing bags of shit; yes shit. As my hair falls into my face and I move it with my gloved shit hands and much profanity I dig and dig to no avail. No envelope.

That is really the best part of the story, I stormed back inside and pulled everything off my shelves and shook it, and somehow the envelope had slid under a notebook and gotten up inside it. Of course, why didn't I look there first.

Happy Friday!


Schellhase said...

I really liked the long sentences in this post. They made me feel nearly as frantic as you were.

Cal said...

Wow. That is intense!

Stu said...

I'm smiling right now.