Sunday, February 24, 2008

Over my dead body

You know how you can read some little quote and it just sticks with you. I have been reading The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne and he quotes Dorthy Day saying,

"If they come for the innocent and do not pass over our bodies, then cursed be our religion."

I keep mulling this over in my mind and being amazed by the beauty and mystery of it. We have been given the gift of finishing the work that Jesus started in protecting the innocent. What a precious thing for Him to pass on to us to continue.

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Rebs said...

Hey Kristen,

It's Rebecca from The Grove. Surprise, I read your blog. I'm currently reading the same book. Isn't it amazing? It's challenging me to find ways to actively follow Christ rather than just continue living my life as a believer. At the same time, living in another country is opening up my eyes to the world around me, a world that I've been oblivious to my whole life. It's amazing and powerful. I hope you're enjoying life in Colorado.

Rebecca Woodson