Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i'm sitting in my apartment as my heart beats a little too fast feeling nervous. i've had a hankering to play ultimate frisbee lately and on monday i was complaining to ben casey that i hadn't found anyone to play with when he said that his coed intramural team had a few spots open, so i'm playing with them tonight. i'm not great at frisbee but i'm not bad, i fall in the category of she's good, for a girl. but as today wore on and i kept thinking about playing with a team that i don't know, save ben and maria, i've been getting nervous. so now i sit here in my apartment waiting for maria to pick me up. i have this fear that i am going to show up and everyone on the team will be incredible and i'll lose the game for them, even though maria told me that the team is really laid back.
oh well, there's maria, gotta go.

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Crosby said...

oh man, I wanna play