Monday, February 27, 2006


i was talking to the lovely erin johnson bright and early at our community group friday morning, and she was talking about the grove raising up entire teams to go to the mission field together; an idea that i have often thought of but had lost hope in. everyday i pray about God sending stephen and i out to the people He has made us passionate about. i think of going with a group of people i already know and trust, people that God has brought together before ever sending us out. but over the last few months i've lost hope in that thought because it seems like everyone i talk to already has it planned out where they want to go, none of which are the place i want to go. but talking to erin the other day i saw how wrong i was to have thought this and it was a burden lifted off my heart. i trust that God has called stephen and i to the bengali people and he will provide for us and protect us, but somehow i'd thought that He wouldn't be able to raise people up here to send with us. oh the stupid things i let satan convince me of. anyway, i was remembering how excited i would get when i was very first thinking about going and how when i prayed about it i saw stephen and i with other people from here, it might just be my wishful thinking, but it also might be God calling us to go to the nations as the body of Christ and live lives that are exemplary of Him, serving, worshiping and caring for each other. so, please pray with me about God raising up a team that is willing and excited to go and serve together.

and on that note of being excited to go, do you ever just lay in your bed and cry because God has you here, an your heart wants so badly to go to the people that you love, but you can't yet and it just hurts? cause if you do we really need to talk. i feel like i'm rambling on and on about things that people don't really care about, but i know that they're out there, anyway, if you want to move to southeast asia in the next five years, let me know asap!


James Miller said...

We can hang out, but Stephen's not invited. Okay, yes he is.

Compston said...

I may not be invited...but my 44 Magnum is.