Friday, January 20, 2006

so, engaged huh?

so, i'm engaged, its wierd, but good. very new to me, this getting married thing. its a great conversation starter when people as how my break was though. my ring is the greatest ring i have ever seen, no offense to the other engaged ladies, but mine is the best. the center stone is a ruby. my love for my ring is twofold:
fold 1. it is very unique, and i like unique, i do things sometimes just becuase no one else is, thats just who i am.
fold 2. the diamond industry is an unjust and rather oppressive one, so i was deffinatley ok with not having one.
another thing i like, anne antoine. she and i have been sharing a room for almost a week now and i like her more everyday. if you get a chance ask her about the oddessy of the missing panties, its a thriller.
on a completley different note, austin bell might have gotten a mammogram today.
well, thats it.
i'm no longer a blogging virgin

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Compston said...

So who's the lucky guy?