Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...I love Christmas music

Stephen's mom told me you can't judge a place until you've been there three months, it doesn't feel like home until three months. Well, Linda, time is up, and I'm judging.
That's right, we've been here three months and it is starting to feel like home. I love our church and I think we're going to start a community group with a few other couples and I'm so excited about having one again. Since I've been so infrequent with my posting I'll give a quick catch-up on life.
  • finished my internship
  • had bronchitis (which blows)
  • caught three little boys "sword fighting" in the bathroom at work
  • got a job a new job
  • Thanksgiving
  • Put up Christmas decorations
I think life is going to slow down a little now and I'm excited about it. I put my two weeks in at work and I'll be starting my new job on December 6. Finally, I'm an official social worker. I'm going to be working for Imagine as a counselor for five disabled adults, I'm pretty excited about it.

I've also been going through some really fun stuff with God. As I've continued on my journey's long end He's been showing me more of his freedom and justice in ways I couldn't see before. Maybe I'll write about it in more detail later, but for now, it's good to be coming out of a desert and into a new place that doesn't rip my world apart quite so often.


Shelli said...'ll be hangin' with the Jones' soon. What's more "like home" than THAT???

Kristen said...

I'll be so confused, am I in Fayetteville or Boulder?

Mere O. said...

You're confused?? I'M confused...what's "sword fighting"??? Like with knives??

Liz said...

have you read any of "come be my light?" i've been thinking a lot about what it means to know Jesus in the silences... can't wait to hear more about this promised good stuff.

Stu said...

Mere, you never had any brothers did you? I hope someone has explained this to you by now...

April said...

glad you're posting again! i've missed you in my little cyber-world!