Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 days, 2 posts

This morning Stephen woke up and told me to come look out the window, and what did I behold? Yes, the first snow. Yesterday I wore a t-shirt and it was 80 degrees outside, but this morning it was falling hard. It made me really excited to go snowboarding, I ordered some boarding pants yesterday and we're buying our passes this week; which leads me to my second reason for posting.

If you (reader) are planning on coming to ride or ski this season, whether you are staying with us or not, the sooner you buy your passes the cheaper they will be. Stephen and I are getting passes for Copper Mountain and Winter Park/Mary Jane, and if you buy your pass before they open they're cheaper, check out


cara said...

I laughed out loud at your "beholding." Grove life is a little dull without the Compstons, but the snow sounds wonderful!

Liz said...

I idolize you and your snowboarding abilities.

Cal said...

I'm going to Breckenridge the 17th-20th with Brian and Billy Ruck!