Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Deer Mountain

A few days ago Stephen, Erin, and I drove out to Rocky Mountain National Park and went hiking. It was beautiful, we even saw elk, it was so exciting. The last few weeks have been good and busy. Stephen had his first full week of regular classes last week and it went really well. We drive into Boulder in the morning and I drop him off at the law building with his lunch, it's like middle school all over again, and I head to my internship. I really like what I'm doing and the people I work with. I'm working in child protection, so I get to interact with families a lot and see them work toward building a healthier and more stable family and most really do seem to appreciate the help they receive through social services. We don't just steal people's babies, as the common stereotype depicts.

Stephen and I found a church we really like, it's called Origins and it's in Boulder. It's really small and even more laid back than the Grove. The first Sunday of each month is all worship and arts, lots of painting and dancing, and people talk or share scripture if they feel led to, it was really cool. But I find that I miss the Grove and our friends the most is when we're at church or when I spend time with the Lord, at first I though that was weird, but now I think it is beautiful in a way. My friends and church were family and the body of Christ in a way I'd never experienced before, and when I'm with the Lord I miss the body I've left behind the most. Tonight I'm going to a group that I heard about through Origins that is about ending Human Trafficking, it was really cool last week, so I'm excited to go again.

I still haven't found a part time job and I really need to start working a job that pays me. I know I really need to be seeking God in this and asking Him to lead me and let me have a good attitude about working where ever, even if it's not ideal. But I still get stuck thinking little things like a part time job are things I should be able to do on my own. Anyway, the search is on.

I'll end with a few pics from our hike.


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whitney said...

Those are awesome pictures!! My Dutch friend here has been to Colorado and every time she mentions it I think I say, "I have some friends in Colorado now...sometimes I still wish I lived in the states so I could visit them."

I knew I wasn't the only one who misses our community in Arkansas (well, most of them aren't there anymore...) like CRAZY!