Sunday, July 29, 2007

i shall no longer be "the current mrs. compston"

don't get upset, my marriage isn't on the rocks; but i feel that it is time to rename by blog. when i started blogging i named my blog the future mrs. compston, which was appropriate since i was recently engaged, and it progressed to the current after we got married. but it has now been over a year and stephen feels it's a little sketchy to be the "current", like he is going to get rid of me and move along to the future current mrs. compston. so i need a new name,
this is the plan:
1. please make suggestions as to what the new name of my blog should be (funny, serious, witty).
2. after suggestions have been made i'll chose a few of the best and set up a poll and let the readers chose the new name.
here we go, enjoy!


Compston said...

Chutin' the Xit

Stu said...

Mrs. "watch out if I get tired cause I will bite you on the shoulder" Compston

I know, it seems a little wordy but in the end I think it fits.

Shelli said...

"Over the shoulder boulder holder". Just because you're moving to Boulder.

"Curly Hair is for Wimps!"

"I'm more of a skirt person"

...ok, those are my votes! -Shelli

adam said...

-Mrs. Lovemuffin
-I married my X. (northside)
-I only blog on days that end in Y.

April said...

foxy bill's fluff (i know this isn't technically you...but after your facebook comment i couldn't resist!)
cheese button

James Miller said...

Can I just say that I Married My X is freakin' awesome. Props to my future roommate on that.

Schellhase said...

How about: I Say F*** at Community Group